Let’s work together

Co-Packer Search

A dedicated co-packer search to find the right partner for the size and scope of your specific business.

You’ll Receive:

20 Hours of our procurement team searching for vetted co-packers using my tested search methodology that I’ve refined over years of dedicated co-packer searches for small business and Fortune 500 corporations.

A pool of viable co-packers with capabilities, location, and minimum order quantities established.

We will pitch your business opportunity to viable co-packers and Provide warm introductions to co-packers that have expressed interest that they have the capability and interest to work with you.



The crucial 3-6 month sprint from finished formula to finished viable product.

You’ll Receive:

Co-packer sourcing, negotiating, and project management

Raw material and packaging supplier sourcing and project management

Cost of Goods sheet to understand what is driving your costs and what retail price you need to sustain.

Pilot run production management, troubleshooting, and general production.

Warehousing, logistics, and distribution support

Ongoing Operations support as needed


Operations Technical Support

This is perfect for Operations projects you need off your plate, including:

You’ll Receive:

Ingredient procurement, Packaging procurement, and supply chain management

3PL Warehousing, and logistics management.

Co-packer Operating Agreement Negotiation, Drafting, and Management

Third party certifications including Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher, Gluten Free, and more!