Hey! I’m David Boyle

I'm a CPG (consumer-packaged-goods) enthusiast focused on Commercializing packaged food & beverage products for our client brands.

David Boyle

I am a 3x Founder who is HACCP Food-Safety certified, Operations Management Certified, Small Business Operations Certified, and holds a BA in Politics from the University of San Francisco and an M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship from the USC Marshall School of Business. I am passionate about developing new innovative products and bridging the gap between Contract Manufacturers and CPG Brand owners.

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David Boyle - Eatpops

I started in the food industry very similar to everyone that I work with now, as a new entrepreneur. I was born and raised around apparel manufacturing in DTLA and joined my Family's Denim Startup after college. After that I 'defected' from the denim family business and started my own Coffee-Fruit Nutrition Bar Business that I sold in 2015. I then started working as the Operations Director for two VC backed high growth CPG brands, Foodstirs B4Y Baking Mixes and Eatpops Fruit & Veggie Ice Pops before leaving to get my Master's Degree at USC.

While studying at USC, a fellow foodie entrepreneur asked me if I could help them find a contract manufacturer for their cold brew coffee line as a "consultant." I thought this would be a great side-hustle while I'm in school. I found them a manufacturer and they referred me to another brand. That brand was pre-launch and needed to find a co-packer and needed Operational help to commercialize the product. They referred me to another brand, and I have been conducting commercialization and co-packer search services ever since.

I never meant to be a consultant, but was pulled into this business by a mixture of good luck and cosmic alignment.

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In 2020, I made the jump from being a Solo Consultant to bringing on a team of other Former-Founders and Scrappy Executives. Collectively, we have helped consult and manage the launch of hundreds of products spanning a wide berth of product categories


CPG Product lines brought to market


Years of Collective CPG Experience Across Consultant Team

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My favorite part of being a consultant is the amazing entrepreneurs that I’ve met and interacted with over this decade. This includes both the owners of Co-packing Plants as well as my Brand Owner Clients. I’ve met some of the most dynamic and brilliant innovators in this industry and I look forward to continuing to bridge the gap between these two parties so we can push forward with food innovation for the next generation to come.