Dedicated Co-Packer Matching Service

A dedicated search for vetted contract manufacturers using our tested search methodology that we've refined over hundreds of professional searches for emerging Food Startups and Fortune 500 Corporations.

Food Packaging Factory

A consulting engagement to help connect you to the right manufacturer.

We spearhead a dedicated search for your product to find vetted co-packers using our tested search methodology that has been refined over years doing manufacturer searches for emerging Food Startups and Fortune 500 Corporations.

This is more involved than any database or referral, because we individually call on each co-packer to vet their capabilities and to pitch your business opportunity. We collect and deliver a pool of viable manufacturers who have expressed interest with the correct capabilities, certifications, and minimum order quantities.

We then analyze all of our potential candidates and provide our matchmaking recommendation for the partner who would be the best fit based on the size and scope of your business.

“The right co-packer with the right equipment and procedures, in the right location with the right efficiencies to create the margins required for the product line to compete will make or break a company.”

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let’s find you a partner —
let’s find you a partner —
let’s find you a partner —
let’s find you a partner —

Accelerating your Co-Packer Searches

A Wider Search

Our key deliverable is a view of the contract manufacturing landscape for that opportunity. The key is a thorough search so you can understand the amount of possible co-packers across a variance of sizes for your packaged product.

More Responses

We review all our inbound applicants for co-packer searches to make sure they are ready for contract manufacturing. This way, when we reach out to manufacturers on your behalf, they know you are a more credible and vetted inquiry.


We don't just hand you a list, we analyze your business as well as the manufacturers to provide recommendations on the best fit.


Don't lose momentum or distract your team during your launch! Our general timeline for a dedicated co-packer search is 4-6 weeks while the general contract manufacturer search can be 3-6 months if not longer!

Ready to find your Co-packing partner?

We have answers.

Does this search guarantee that we will launch with a co-packer?

Our deliverable for this service is a deep dive into the contract manufacturing landscape for this product that will greatly accelerate the search process. With that said, we can not guarantee that you will end up launching with a co-packer. Many times larger corporations have used our service to see if they should launch a certain product line or not.

What if I already have a co-packer?

Many brands have used us to find a vetted backup contract manufacturer for their next stage of growth or if their relationship is constrained with their current manufacturer. In today's fast-paced and emerging landscape if it is never a bad idea to have a backup co-packing partner identified.

What if I need help with managing my current co-packer?

We can help with managing your current co-packer and in many ways it can help for more delicate operations like Operating Agreements and troubleshooting botched productions. That would be considered within a different service but we are happy to speak further about how we can help!

What if I've already reached out to a large volume of co-packers without any success?

It could be that you are not ready for co-packing. However, we have had many success stories where we reached out to the exact same manufacturers but with different positioning and packaging of the business opportunity in a different way. Having a third-party consultant reach out, it provides an extra layer of credibility that will usually lead to more responses from outbound inquiries to at least look at the full business opportunity.