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Why We Do What We Do

If we’ve worked together and you would like to share your experience, feel free to leave a review.


"When our nutrition brand joined forces with Boyle Brands, helmed by the dynamic duo, David and Jessi, we discovered an ally of unmatched caliber. Their unique blend of innovation, problem-solving, and strategic forecasting, coupled with their knack for finding top-tier co-packers and factories, catalyzed our brand's commercial success.

David and Jessi's penchant for innovation shone brightly throughout our partnership. They married creativity with scientific acumen to create distinct solutions for our brand, fostering a unique appeal in a crowded market.

Their problem-solving prowess was equally impressive. David and Jessi anticipated hurdles, devised plans, and tackled issues head-on, transforming potential obstacles into stepping stones for growth.

Their strong industry relationships opened doors we could only imagine, connecting us with key influencers and decision-makers. Their astute forecasting, driven by keen market insight and data analytics, kept us ahead of the curve, proactive rather than reactive.

Most importantly, David and Jessi led us to the best co-packers and factories in the nation. They ensured these partners echoed our values, maintained high-quality standards, and honored delivery timelines, solidifying our brand's reputation.

In sum, our partnership with Boyle Brands, and more specifically with David and Jessi, has been a guiding light in our commercialization journey. Their dedication to our brand's success and their exceptional skills have set a gold standard in the nutrition industry. We wholeheartedly endorse Boyle Brands to any brand seeking to commercialize their product."

— Dan Bowling - The Genesis Company, Toy'n Around

"David and Lauren at Boyle Brands are great partners for assisting with the identification of co-manufacturing partners. Very organized, responsive, and know the right questions to ask to get a great final result. Highly recommend!"

— Megan Crossland, SVP Marketing & R&D

"Love working with David & his his team. Super responsive. Great knowledge of the industry & it's players. Nicely developed processes to find and work with Manufacturers / Copackers."

— Karim Tarabichi

"David and his whole team were absolutely amazing to work with! Communication was fast, informative and consistent. They set up our US operation quickly and smoothly and continue to be a sounding board for our team as we grow. We will continue to work with David + his team!"

— Christian Karayannides

"I am the founder and CEO of Hangobi, and I first started working with David after a warm referral from one of our vendors. After our initial discussions, it became clear that David, and his team at Boyle Brands, are exceptional professionals that provide a hands-on approach to your business that is centered on proactivity, candor, and execution. We worked to launch our brand through 2021 and 2022, and experienced a litany of start-up difficulties, including but not limited to (1) supply chain challenges, (2) limited available raw materials, (3) high freight costs, (4) managing a complex co-packer relationship that tended to create problems and not solve them, and (5) formulation issues that led to trouble shooting and endless "trials" to delivering a market ready product. Across each of these set backs, David was instrumental in our company navigating them and bringing our product to market. His expertise and experience in CPG was essential to solving these problems, but when coupled with his strong attitude, perseverance, accountability, and drive, I knew we would find a way to make Hangobi commercially available. I attribute almost all of our operational success to David and Boyle Brands Team, and we couldn't enjoy working with them more. Further, David and his team continue to think of new ingenious ways to add value to your business beyond operations and find ways to provide referrals and introductions to helpful parties. Finally, David is extremely responsive and a world class communicator, which is an invaluable characteristic that I admire! I love working with his team and hope to keep this relationship strong and active for a long time!"

— Conrad Oberbeck

"David is a rare mix of kind, high-energy, professional, experienced and connected. He is a natural networker and connector, and when people come to me asking what co-packer to go to or wanting to be connected to the right person or company in the industry, David is the person I connect them with. He is generous and chivalrous but also knows his worth. Nothing but positive things to say about this humble amazing human!"

— Sean Matteson, Founder of Matcha

"David has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only have we grown a great professional relationship together but he has become a friend too. Someone you can truly rely on. He leads with integrity and passion for everything he is involved in. Boyle for the WIN!"

— Oliver Trevena

"Wow - David and team are remarkable. They continue to surpass our expectations and truly feel like an extension of Mezcla. Their communication is excellent and they work extremely hard for their clients. We are very grateful to be working with them and could not recommend Boyle Brands enough."

— Griffin Spolansky, Founder and CEO

Huge thank you to Sherpa CPG for taking our recipes and turning them into the dry seasoning of our dreams. We went through rounds of testing, adjusting, and coming to recipes with just the right touch of ingredients like black garlic, porcini mushrooms, chipotle and guajillo chiles, tangerine oil, and more. Their team helped us settle on the perfect sustainable packaging we are using to make sure you have enough seasoning for plenty of tacos and have a container you can reuse.

— Jocelyn Ramirez, Chef and Founder of Todo Verde

We initially did this ourselves, and ultimately turned to Sherpa CPG to help us with both formulation, ingredients sourcing, and paring us with the appropriate co-packer. This was a decision that I would highly recommend for anyone looking to start their own food or snack company. It freed up our time to focus on driving the brand and business forward, but still meant we got to be intimately involved in the development process.

— Katie Wilson, CEO + Founder of Belli Welli

"Great experience! The Boyle Brands team was able to find me a great copacker match while paying attention to my tight timeline, can't thank them enough!"

— Taylor, Co-Founder

"You and Victoria H made dreams come true! Your experience, expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail laid the groundwork for my universal spice collection company CBK...Creations By Kai. Looking forward to the production of my next vision."

— Kai Chase

"Working on product innovation with David and Victoria from the Sherpa team has been a pleasure. Product innovation can be a challenge, and we knew that we wanted to work with a group of people that would feel like a natural extension of our own tight-knit team. From identifying the market opportunity for true innovation, sourcing the best co-packers and ingredients to crafting unique marketing messages – the Sherpa team was quick to problem-solve and effective with strategizing throughout the entire process. They also brought a unique brand of excitement and passion to their work that is evident in the final product. We are thankful to the Sherpa team and recommend them to brands looking for innovation!"

— Rebecca Remley and Briana Lawrence, the CEO and Director of Marketing for Wedderspoon

"David and Boyle Brands Team were very helpful during the beginning process of creating our company. From making sure we had the RD samples on time, dealing with co-packer coordination, and sourcing/ onboarding the freight and warehouse company. We were very new to dealing with all of these aspects, especially working with a co-packer. We were very apprehensive initially that we would be taken advantage of by a much bigger company who didn’t need our business as much as we needed them. As soon as David came on board, we felt as if a huge weight had been lifted and made the process a lot easier to deal with. David was not only mindful of the time he spent on our project, but also explaining to us some of the intricacies within the industry that we were not aware of. My wife and I both highly recommend David and have appreciated the work he has done to make sure our company made the right moves to get off the ground."

— Taylor + Katie

"David Boyle thinks outside the box. After the first month of working with him, I learned to appreciate our differences. He is much more patient, methodical, and strategic. As his client, I allowed myself to be quietly mentored by David. He is a team player and a big-picture guy with attention to detail."

— June Lim - First Foods, Inc

"I have worked with David on several projects and have always been extremely pleased with the quality of the output. David is a true operator with an extensive skillset in every facet of operations and supply chain. He is knowledgeable, collaborative, and results-oriented. The entire Sherpa team has been a tremendous asset to our internal Operations organization that I will continue to rely on for mission-critical initiatives."

— Ricky Talati - Tinley Beverage Company / Beckett's Tonics California

"David Boyle is an excellent team player, problem solver and people person. He smoothly integrated into a critical post analytics situation we had and was a shinning light of answers, professional resources and solutions. He has helped us prepare for our future productions, planning and ensuring we are best in class from concept to finish. David is really a pleasure to work with and glad he's on our team!"

— Doug Fulton - Board Director - Tinley Beverage Company

"I’m all about value and that’s what I get with my weekly calls with David. It’s great to have someone who can not only provide strategic perspective and guidance for new product development, operations, and e-commerce, but he also flexes quickly to the tactical if I need it. David has provided me with great references and has a deep network which has also been tremendous value. Overall he’s been a great coach through the whole process of starting an idea from scratch to fine tuning the launch. I would recommend David's hourly coaching to any food entrepreneur!"

— Elizabeth Osterman, Founder of Lastof7 Gourmet Food Startup, Former HR Executive at Unity Technologies, Trulia/Zillow, LinkedIn, and Microsoft

"David is truly a pleasure to work with. His professional approach when it comes to operations within the CPG space is thoughtful, detail oriented, and results driven. He has vast experience in this space and can provide so much value in the form of coaching. Starting your own CPG company is hard and you definitely need David in your corner! I have worked with David for a few months now and highly recommend him for Operations Coaching!"

— Caitlin Logue - CEO 5280 Coffee Co.

"I would highly recommend working with David if you need consulting expertise in manufacturing and fulfillment. He is very easy to work with, responsive, explains things in an easy to understand manner, and is very flexible. He has great contacts and connections and can provide insights and know-how on pretty much anything thrown his way. It was incredibly helpful and reassuring to have someone like David in our camp to be able to get advice, a gut check or even a second set of hands for some of the leg work while launching a packaged food company."

— Jessica Weingarten - Co-founder and CEO at Defy Foods

"I have worked with David on a number of co-packing projects. If you need someone who can represent your best interest in a co-packing relationship you should retain David. If you're running a brand, David can act as a hands-on guide with co-packing discussions, co-packer selection, product development, ingredient sourcing, sample runs, first runs, and ongoing production management. If you're a co-packer, David can represent your facility and help prepare potential clients, who you may not have time for, to become well trained, valuable customers."

— Peter Meehan, Co-founder of Newman’s Own Organics, Board Member at LifeAid LLC

"David is a sharp, capable, and genuine operations professional who is quick to solve a wide range of operational challenges. His range of knowledge and experience across manufacturing, logistics, order fulfillment, warehousing, and beyond is unique and he has a true love for the world of food and beverage. Stellar communicator and a pleasure to work with."

— Tyler Gage - Co-founder of RUNA, Investor, Managing Director of Terrafertil North America, NESTLE

"David is such a huge help to our team. He has helped us with many projects from sourcing to production options. He is excellent at connecting the supply chain and managing all the little details along the way. He is passionate about what he does and it shows. We will work with David on every product idea we have!"

— Lacie Mackey - Co-founder and COO of Caveman Coffee CO.

"David is a kick-ass, no-nonsense expert in the food industry. If u ever need strategic advice, packaging consultation, tips in logistics, or operations, highly recommend working with him."

— Janne Kytannen - Co-founder of WTF Venture Capital, 3D Printing Investor and Serial Entrepreneur

"Any company, big or small, would be lucky to get the chance of partnering with David! I enjoyed working with him because of his positive energy, work ethic, teamwork mentality, leadership, diligence, and eagerness to learn about all positions within the company. He is well respected throughout the organization for being the "go-to" person for any and all operational needs, and for meeting short deadlines. Throughout the time I've known him, he has shown me time and again that he is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential. In summation, due to his great attitude, dedication, and excellent potential, I would wholeheartedly say that any company would be lucky to work with David Boyle! I am sure that he would not let you down and would be as great an asset to your team as he has been to mine!"

— Annie Zahn - VP of Sales Pumpkin Tree Organics