Certification Plus + Program

A white glove Certification service for food and beverage brands looking to become certified Organic, Kosher, or Non-GMO Project Verified without getting bogged down in paperwork.

Streamlined Certification
Compliance Assurance
Focus on Growth
Yearly Maintenance
Food Packaging Factory

A white glove certification process for your brand.

We handle the certification directly with your suppliers, manufacturers, and the certifying agency. For any ingredient that ends up not passing the certifications standards, we will work to source the correct compliant ingredient alternative for you to integrate into your supply chain.

We do all of the work to certify your product and take care of all the back and forth between your supply chain partners so that you can focus on the day to day needs of growing your business. We maintain the paperwork and help you with the yearly certification needs so that you can set it and forget it!

let’s get certified  —
let’s get certified  —
let’s get certified  —
let’s get certified  —

Streamlined for Efficiency

Documentation Collection

Submit your product information, formulas, suppliers, and spec sheets.

Paperwork Management

We work closely with certification bodies to expedite the review process.

Supplier Coordination

We gather necessary compliance documents
from your suppliers.

Compliance Solutions

If suppliers are non-compliant, we find and onboard suitable ingredient alternatives.

Certification Completion

We not only complete the certification process
but also offer guidance on maintaining ongoing compliance.

Ready to Get Certified?

We have answers.

Does this guarantee that we will be certified?

We can not guarantee that you will become certified. It depends on your supplier’s ability to produce proper paperwork and if your formulas are feasible for the certification. However, we take lots of precautions to try to guarantee success. We review all formulas prior to taking on a consulting engagement to ensure that we feel good about the project before taking it on.

Does your pricing include the certification costs?

This pricing is just for our management fees. There are additional fees for the actual non-GMO and/or Organic certification which varies depending on the number of SKUs, number of manufacturers, and number of “high-risk” ingredients.

How long does it take to get certified?

We can work very quickly and the certifiers that we work with are very quick. The unknown factor is how long your suppliers will take to get back to us with the paperwork. The average certification process is three months from delivery of paperwork to final compliance.

Will you help us find all of our suppliers and Co-packers as well?

We certainly can! However, that would be considered a different engagement. This specific engagement is for groups that already have suppliers, co-packers, and a formula, but need help with just the certification process.