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What is David’s Coaching?

Life in the packaged food industry moves FAST. I have spoken to hundreds of Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs and they usually always say the same thing: “I wish we spoke sooner before we did XYZ…”

Whether you need to talk through a contract, talk through an upcoming production run, or balance the pro’s and con’s of key product decisions, an hourly call is an easy way to get answers quick without losing any momentum.

Each consulting call is a 1:1 60min call, leveraging years of experience of bringing 70+ products to market across a variety of categories in food, beverage, cannabis, and supplements.


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After you purchase a block of time, you will get a calendly invite to select a time that works best for you


You will receive a questionnaire to fill out key information about your product and business vision prior to the call


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Why I’m doing hourly consulting:

In my time launching CPG products for operations executives, I’ve seen many founders who are happy to do the work themselves, but they are looking for a second set of eyes when tackling the operational challenges of running and launching a packaged food business.

In addition to being schooled by some of the best mentors in the CPG industry, I have been a founder, a founding employee, and a consultant to founders. I lead on all of that experiential knowledge to help make sure others don't make the same costly mistakes that I have seen or made myself. I'm here to be in your corner as you go through the journey of your business and product launch.

I understand the cost constraints that an early CPG company faces, which is why I originally made the decision to unbundle my services as much as I can for a fractional hourly service. For companies further along, they have also noticed the benefit of getting problems solved quickly and efficiently without losing momentum during the proposal process or feeling the pressure of taking on a larger engagement.

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Some of the Brands I've Helped Grow


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"David is truly a pleasure to work with. His professional approach when it comes to operations within the CPG space is thoughtful, detail oriented, and results driven. He has vast experience in this space and can provide so much value in the form of coaching. Starting your own CPG company is hard and you definitely need David in your corner! I have worked with David for a few months now and highly recommend him for Operations Coaching!"

Caitlin Logue - CEO 5280 Coffee Co.

"I’m all about value and that’s what I get with my weekly calls with David. It’s great to have someone who can not only provide strategic perspective and guidance for new product development, operations, and e-commerce, but he also flexes quickly to the tactical if I need it. David has provided me with great references and has a deep network which has also been tremendous value. Overall he’s been a great coach through the whole process of starting an idea from scratch to fine tuning the launch. I would recommend David's hourly coaching to any food entrepreneur!”

Elizabeth Osterman, Founder of Stealth Food Startup, HR Executive at Trulia (acquired by Zillow), LinkedIn, and Microsoft

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